What is paying it forward?

Generosity at it's fullest potential! In the times we live in, it's about time, we become compassionate to care for one another.

  • Helping without expecting something in return

  • Give to someone you do not know

  • Smile and greet a complete stranger

  • Don't prejudge people you give to, You don't know their story

20 Ways to pay it forward

  1. Donate to your local charity

  2. Donate old clothes

  3. Volunteer at a shelter

  4. Volunteer at a charity

  5. Buy books and donate them to local schools

  6. Start a community pantry for your neighbors 

  7. Become a mentor

  8. Ask for donations instead of gifts for your birthday or a fav holiday

  9. Sit and listen to someone

  10. Leave random love notes

  11. Spend time with the elderly

  12. Volunteer to drive those in need to the store, library, laundry mat

  13. Share community resources

  14. Visit an animal shelter

  15. Encourage a stranger

  16. Pick up litter if you see it

  17. Tidy up a public restroom when you use it

  18. Thank Customer Service personnel for their service

  19. Forgive

  20. Pray for someone, call a relative tell them you love them