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The Art of Altars

Altars are a point of intention. A place of sacred energy and a place of honor. When setting up an altar in your space you should have a focus. But first what exactly are you focusing on? There is no right way or wrong way to create or build your own altar at home. All you need is an intention with objects that represent, hold and create or hold the energy you desire.

I've created several altars and my altars changed frequently. Two years ago all I had was a few candles and a handful of stones. Two years later I have several altars all around the house as well as travel altars.

What Is An Altar and Is It Against My Current Spiritual Practice?

Traditionally, an altar is a structure placed for consecration, sacrafices or rituals for religious purposes. However, an altar can be used to enhance your spiritual practice, give you a sense of peace and even help you with your thoughts and prayers.

In actuality, many of us have altars and not realize it. Have you had an older relative that had a fireplace or mantle with pictures of family (living or dead) with candles with or without a bible (or any spiritual text) and you were warned NOT to touch it? That was a peace of sacred space to them, something that reminded them of what they held close to them. Creating an altar for yourself (if you haven't already) could be used for whatever reason you have.

I joke often because I encounter people daily and sometimes they are very apprehensive when they see my pentagram I wear on a bracelet. I chuckle because I too used to give the side eye when I saw non-Christian symbols. I've learned that whatever intention you hold with an object, that is what that object represents.

There are several types of altars. You can have a glass of water and a candle on a night stand or a rock and picture. Whatever is your motivation I suggest you go with it. I am a spiritual practitioner and whatever I am lead to place on my altar I set it up for that intention. The key to altar building is not pigeon holding yourself into one way of creating. Altars are symbolic to peace & tranquility and whenever you need to refresh, release, regroup or relate, your altar can assist you to find that balance you so desire. Altars aren't religious nor are they ominous, unless you create an altar with intent to harm (that's a whole other conversation and I will not go there. But you get the picture.)

Here are some different type of items you can use to create your own altar. I want to add that researching, reading and studying different types of items such as stones, candles, etc., is highly recommended. It took me several years to gain an understanding about intention and sometimes we can unknowingly create something based on the words we speak. I also want to recommend that if you are angry or upset do not create or change your altar unless you are ready to let go of your feelings that bring your energy or vibration down.

If you aren't too sure about where to put your altar you may want to read and study Feng Shui or sit, pray and meditate to get guidance to where you want to put your altar.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where am I the most comfortable?

2. Where do I want to be more comfortable?

3. Is there someplace in my home that needs more balance?

4. Do I need more than one Altar?

You'd be surprised how many answers you'll get. Here are great references for stones, smudging, candles and more to set up an altar that is perfect for you. Remember, your altar is to resonate with you. If you have children that want to set up an altar (not with candles of course) allow them to create what they want.

Crystals and stones by Crystal vault Crystals

3 Simple Steps To Create Your Altar

Have Fun with creating your altar. Tell me about your experience once you've created one. I would love to hear from you!

A Alanda Gregory

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