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Our Reaction is Our Responsibility

The current affairs and heightened turn of events of our nation and world, it's quite a challenge to stay positive. I mean really, there is a man in office that can pretty much do want he wants because they way his administration is set up, smoke and mirrors should have a high stock value. The climate of police shootings of Black men, the deportation and seperation of Mexican families, women's right to choose and many other things to choose from. There are so many triggers that we can't pretend that everything will be okay.

I'd remember going to church as a child and many members (as well as potential new members) would go to the alter to unburden themselves so they can live a clean slate. This was a process that happened every Sunday before the benediction. The unusual thing I witnessed was that the same few people were doing it often. All I could think of was "Damn. They must have had more that they've forgotten about or they are messed up again". I also remember asking why did Sister So-and-So go to the alter all of the time and was told that sometimes people need to just keep going to the alter because they have so much sin in them, one time may not do it. Only God knows they're heart

Okay??? Wait, Whet?

So I gathered at that moment that no matter how many times you mess up, God will always forgive your "sins." Well, that worked in the adult world because as a kid? I always got my ass whipped for shit I may or may not have done and was reminded of how I couldn't be trusted because of the things I got in trouble for. Therefore, I got it. Adults can do whatever and get a Mulligan, a do-over, a free pass. As long as they go to church on Sunday and ask for it. Actually that's when I learned, kids don't get do-overs until they are "grown".

Grown. A relative term. A loosely used term to define that at a certain age you are able to do whatever you want when you want and not answer to no one. . . Except God. Wait, the police. Actually if you have a job, A boss but if you own your own business you answer to no one. Hold up, The IRS or whomever you pay tax to. IF you do not own a business or work, you are getting money from someone or something, therefore you gotta comply with the rules to get what you need to sustain yourself. We won't even begin to discuss bills because you when it's time to pay bills, you gotta answer to a utility company, phone company, mortgage company, insurance company and so on.

How did we determine what grown is? Sounds like to me we are still children based on the definition of how we were raised. No, scratch that. We were taught as children how we were to be responsible for our actions and being grown somehow gave you a pass when you wanted to do an adult thing. With all that is going on in the world, I believe somehow the Universe is bringing around our dirt. All of the the hidden, our deepest and darkest fears have come out on the surface for us to not only complain about it. You guessed it, It's time to take responsibility for our actions and how we choose to respond.

Social Media has become an abundant platform of information and random thoughts. If there's a thought to be shared with the entire world, Facebook, blogging and our infamous President uses Twitter. Those outlets have become the vessel of passive aggressive socially awkward tirades. I know what you're asking, "Goldie, when will you get to the good parts of social media, the Motivation, the photos, the good things about social media? You know Cat and dog videos?" I will get to ALL of the good shit, but first let's do some work and stay on topic. It's easier to address challenges before celebrating victories. That's what makes a compelling story. Right?

Well yes. Back to the matter at hand. We have so much that we are responsible for and yet we won't assume responsibility.

So, Let's get clear on a few things:

  1. Broadcast news and social media has stirred emotions to a point of helplessness, anger and fear.

  2. Television and movies set the same tone as the media with "stories". It's up to you to to: learn from it, be inspired by it and choose what "story" you accept.

  3. Life happens everyday. Plots, plans of murder, deception, criminal activity will happen. There are 7.442 billion people in the world, you have to know that a city with a high murder rate isn't "killing" the entire population. Propaganda will have you believing because highlights of stories creates pandemonium to continue sensationalism for ratings.

  4. If you live in a neighborhood prone to violence, what are you doing? Complaining? Calling the police? Talking to neighbors to come up with a solution? Prepping to move? Do you even believe that you can create change? No? You're part of the problem in a collective of others that think JUST LIKE YOU.

  5. Everyone has the ability to change. From the womb to the tomb we are all given a measure of faith. Apparently some of do not have gauges to measure with.

  6. If you belong to a church to just get YOUR life together or learn how to control people, You know you already fucked up right?

We as a collective have failed our communities to a certain extent. We lack accountability because we were programmed to be followers. When you are a follower, you do not overstand self-accountability or responsibility. We follow a blueprint of a child; we rather play than learn.

I totally get that life shouldn't be taken too seriously. However, we do we put on our grown up pants on and step into the responsibility to take care of one another? We have a moral responsibility to ensure our families, friends and strangers are seeing God in us. No matter what religion you are, God is infinite, abundant, loving as well as great and terrible. You see, we cannot put blinders on in the world and cry injustice when we experience it. Victims are those that are blindsided with the unexpected. It's a harsh reality yet it's a challenge to recoup from trauma. You cannot avoid destined catastrophes, yet when you do, it's either you have to learn from it with gratitude or be paralyzed with fear and affect those around you to become part of the story.

You see, in the world today, we have been steered away from our God selves. We view the image of God as a savior, a punisher a giver of blessings, instead of viewing God in us, moving through us, manifesting abundance to give to the world around us. This existence wasn't created for us to just be here and endure a world we think we didn't choose to be in, therefore we deal with what we were given. This existence was created with a great purpose, to learn more about the God-self. To get that the Universe agrees with collective consciousness. We are spiritual creators in fleshly vehicles to move around get all the earthly lessons we need to experience.

We have a purpose and we have a need to collectively overstand that God made everything good and perfect. Yup, even the darkness that looms over our country. It's time for us to shine the light within us in dark places. Don't give up, and do not accept what you physically see as what you physically get. Go deeper, see how powerful you are. Accept the divine vision given to you and no matter what people think, you weren't created to conform to opinion, you were created to transform the world. Believe ALL of that. Are you ready???

Oh yeah I almost forgot to add a gratuitous animal video. In-Joy and let's get together and make the world a better place

Alanda "Goldielovesu" Gregory



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