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Who Have We Become???

Once upon a time in my childhood we did nothing BUT support designers, small businesses and products liken to our identity.Operation P.U.S.H used to host an expo that promoted our diversity and love for ourselves.

Corporations knew EXACTLY how to manipulate the small business in order to snub competition thru "mergers and acquisitions". Of course they gave offers that we couldn't refuse or we faced an inevitable state of going bankrupt or business dissolution. Why? Our conditions. We went from being "Black and Proud" to "Super Predators". Therefore we became a culture of "Monkey see, Monkey do". We began emulating the very culture we wished for, instead of cultivating our own. We shunned our twerking sisters and ghetto rapping brethren as our White peers marketed and sold our shame for lucrative profits. Who mad? And why?

What have we become? How did we get here? I truly understand that we had circumstances, trials and tribulations that contributed to our current state of being. So let's take a look at some turning points in our community:

  • Demonizing community leaders in the press

  • Assassinating community leaders

  • Vietnam and the flooding of drugs in our urban metropolis

  • dissension in the homes with the Women's movement

  • The church's gospel that praises poverty as righteous

  • Television and movie stereotypes

  • Glorification of prostitution and pimping

  • Systemic racism

  • Political pandering to Black voters just to get into office

  • The lack of public school funding

  • The lack of household unity

  • Crack-cocaine epidemic

  • Barack Obama

  • Dr. Dre & Beats

  • Oprah

  • Tyler Perry

  • Mo'nique and the Netflix drama

I could go on but this are examples of how distracted we've become or how what we've feared for decades manifested through either quick satisfaction, materialism or we just simply ignored our surroundings. Although, we've had many triumphs, our complacency took us deeper into a rabbit hole that we've lost our identity. There is a scripture in the bible that I love to reference when it I want to explain how being comfortable or how reactionary we are as a culture; "Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom" Song of Solomon 2:15

So what exactly do I mean by that? Glad you asked! For many years we have made progress to only have opposition to our greatness. Black Wall Street is a prime example of how we used segregation as a way to do for ourselves... UNTIL of course the poor White racists that were afraid of loses "pretty points" decided to use their fear backed by the local government agencies to terrorize and destroy our very financial existence in that town.So what did we do? We became fearful, we began moving quietly, asking for acceptance instead of rebuilding. We simply lost a spark. So the next generation persisted, many moved north thrived in smaller communities where they weren't as much of a threat yet, opposition existed. But hell, opposition always exist and if it has always existed, how did we become so docile in nature? From my observation America as a whole has consumed more than produced. When we are forced to accept the narrative of self-destruction through subliminal outlets, our subconscious mind is programmed. We have a collective mentality of children. Very dependent children waiting for our parents to bring us the next new toy until it's time to grow up for a moment (election year) and listen to the grown ups tell us what we need in order to get new shiny shit. We are pacified with the latest and greatest technology, fashion trends, television reality shows filled with false realities as we play grown up going to work in places that barely treat us as adults. Now those that have higher education and are thriving, I applaud you and your contributions but there is still something missing when you go to work, take care of your obligations and tout how much you are being a productive member of society (meanwhile, you go about your business thinking you're a good person and lock yourself away from the world. Not knowing your neighbors, not knowing what's going on except for what the news tells you). Oh I am speaking to my Black Gen X'ers and Black Baby Boomers that think it's okay to shame the very Black generation of Millennial behavior when we were complicit in much of their upbringing.

Before I go on, I do want to acknowledge those that work tirelessly to maintain their composure and face opposition daily. There are so many silent heroes that need more support. I am speaking to anyone that aspire to change and simply are shot down or are constantly discouraged. I speak for many until they awaken, Thank you!

It's not entirely our fault because many of us were raised in the US where "being saved" wasn't a righteous act, it has become our mantra. Pray and the good Lawd will work it out. Personally, I blame Florida Evans {Good Times}. James had the idea of being resilient with what we could become and Florida always had to insert that White Jesus to shut down ideals of Black independence. It's not entirely her fault, her creators had to do what they had to do for their White producers in order to keep food on the table. However, it's shit like this that made BET a thing (until the OWN channel existed) that kept us in the consumer darkness. But I do applaud their efforts with The Jeffersons though and I always loved Black characters that took no shit.

Okay enough reminiscing about shows of my childhood, back to the lecture at hand (big ups to Snoop). I want to convey how important it is to come back to the table with a plan on how we can educate, empower, encourage, and stimulate our very own communities. Please understand I am not against the church, I am against how our vulnerability is used to fill seats and pockets. I am also against ignoring problems in our communities. In addition to all things I'm against, I am against taking money out of our communities to stimulate other folks tax bracket economy. White, Brown, Yella folks (I am not speaking of Asians, that is racist. I am speaking to our mulatto sisters and brothers that think that their skin color is a "Sit Among The White Privileged" Gold card).

We need a plan of action! We need to reinstate that our existence is beautiful, chastise each other in private (public humiliation is a product of the slave masters by the way), celebrate one another in public (when one win, we all win), support our local businesses, build wealth, educate our children better, participate more in our communities, greet a neighbor, learn how to create a support group, read a bible with the Concordance, learn other religions and spiritual texts, read period, compliment others, stop watching so much TV and shows that push a narrative that we should emulate or shame AND most importantly, tap into your spiritual "shondo" to hear your creator (meditate, pray, detox your body, align your chakras, etc.). Know that opposition is only a hurdle not a dead end. Because we don't push enough, we give up when we look without seeing. Please talk about your hurt to a professional, release some of that toxicity and repair your soul tie DNA that keeps your bound.

As per my last blog about our "Reactions is our responsibility" I will follow up with this conversation because I am committed to change and you should be too.

Alanda "Goldielovesu" Gregory



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