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Voting is Only the Beginning


People believe that "doing the right thing" and "God knows our hearts" is reason to believe that is enough to maintain our service of humanity. Many of our issues or challenges begin with a perception. Whether our views are influenced by hearsay, news, social media or us in our heads over thinking. We never really know of an outcome beforehand. We can work towards something to achieve an end goal, but how many of us can honestly say we kept going when we our goal didn't turn out exactly as we wanted it? I am waiting for the rest of the US citizens to figure out that voting alone isn't the magical remedy to our problems. We are citizens and we have to remind the folks representing us that they aren't just representing their favorite lobbyist or corporate donor. They are representing us as a whole. Voting counts, even if your favorite candidate don't win. Voting gives you the right to hold the elected officials accountable for representing EVERYBODY. Just because you are a Democrat, it doesn't mean you can't address a Republican elected. Our assumptions are swayed by what we hear or believe.

**DISLAIMER** Pardon me, I'm about to get a little graphic, so grab some pearls and brace yourselves, I am about to give an analogy that we all have been familiar with...

You ready?

Here it goes, how many of you reading this have had bad sex or a horrible date that you'd wish you can unfuck someone? I'm sure I am not the only one. There have been many times that we've been let down in love but it didn't stop us from pursuing a love interest or a sexual situationship. If you're reading this and have had more than 2 or 3 one night stands, you my dear aren't a quitter. You love gambling and love getting the end result of an orgasmic pleasure of fulfilling what you're missing, yet afraid to get hurt. Then when you get a hold of a bad lay, either you mad or you'll see that person ONE MORE TIME just to see if that bad sex was real or not. God forbid if you keep doing it with the same bad lay. That is just asinine. Stop reading if I am lying because if you are mad right now, anything I say after this will piss you off, but if you keep reading, your truth will set you free.

So what does this have to do with voting? Well, I'm glad you asked. We all vote thinking that we did our part in choosing the right candidate and believe that they will do EVERYTHING that say that they will do. When the candidates do not deliver on their promises, we are therefore disappointed, believing that our votes didn't count. The fact is the voting process doesn't stop at election day. The voting process is continuous and our work as citizens is non-stop. I am not suggesting that we get on our soapbox or gear up a protest, I am suggesting that we stay active by way of local participation.

We have to constantly be heard and become more engaged in our communities. It is quite a challenge to have community advocates and activists speak on our behave after an outrage of sorts. We have been conditioned to look to heroes to save us. It's in our churches that "Jesus saves" as well as portrayed in cinema and graphic novels/comic books that heroes can fight the battles of the mortals. we all can be heroes to one another just by one small act of voting.

After you cast your ballot, support your local governments by attending city council meetings, neighborhood association meetings, School Board meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, subscribe to your state representative's emails/newsletters, etc. When you are well informed, you can make wiser choices in how to participate in the world around you.


Think about that when you are deciding NOT to vote in any upcoming election. Your community counts on you. I understand it's a big responsibility and we like to shy away from things that do not affect us directly.


You are more deserving that you believe. This country was founded on fuckery and thievery. What was once a land of various people that lived in pride, became an invaded territory of those that believed "This land is my land" adage. In addition the land was not only seized, pillaged and ravaged, it came with stolen people that too were once proud of who they were. You combine all of that drama into 400 years of conditioning, it's no wonder why we as citizens believe we cannot catch a break. This very country was created to keep the entitled riding in the carriages of White privilege. Therefore, gas-lighting would be the best term of how we've been duped into believing we do not matter. We are slipping into an abyss of self-doubt, religious prejudice, the made up natural selection that is feed to us subliminally. Our unwillingness to participate in society, we will continue to face social inequality and continuous income gaps that will drive a wedge between us and the source that created us. In a perfect world we can achieve what the Children of the real Israel wanted, a land that flows with milk and honey. I totally believe it can happen. Don't you want to believe it? It is our civic duty to protect one another and generations to come. We have to stop perpetuating this vicious cycle.

But wait, there's more!

If you are more into what you can get now from the government, and community as a "consumer" rather than being a "producer"; Just remember if you NEVER had a job long enough to collect social security OR when you turn 65, social security could be gone and Medicaid will be costly. AND all you'll have is memorabilia, pictures, IG, Snapchat, FB posts to show how much "turning up" you did when you were younger.

Please get proactive, your livelihood is at stake. A GOOD man leave an inheritance for his children's children. Prov 13:22

Allow me to ask the question again. Are you a good person doing what you're called to do?

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Alanda "Goldielovesu" Gregory



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