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The Harvest - Kindle e-Book


Step into the world of Det. Horace Eberlee, The detective is a seasoned police officer with the Massachussets State police, then later became a homicide detective after 17 years of service. Horace majored in Criminal science at Yale University and became an intern for the police department in their Internal Investigations unit, until later he decided that he wanted to be part of where the major crimes were. Detective Eberlee has always been driven as well as a great problem solver. Catching Criminals is his forte. Although retired, he sometimes work as a private investigator to keep sharp. 


Words Of The Soul - Kindle e-book


A poetry collection written by Alanda Gregory and inspired by many life's events that transformed her world as she expresses her deep gratitude. Take a journey with her as she shares pieces of her soul.

Empower 2 Dream - Kindle e-book


This workbook is to accompany the "Empower 2 Dream" 3 part online workshop. The course will enlighten you on how to master your life on a daily basis


Til Death Do Us Part ~ The Eberlee Chronicles

How much longer does one have to wait for a faithful spouse? Mabel Childs waited long enough and she had to take matters into her own hands.

Step into the world of retired Worcester County Police Detective Horace Eberlee as he gives his account on his most memorable cases to date.